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  • Nov 6, 2019

    5 MINUTES WITH Demetrius “6ixx” Similien

    If you’re in the Columbia arts scene, it’s impossible to not know about Demetrius “6ixx” Similien. The Haitian American and Benedict College alum has been at the helm of some of the most innovative art installations in the city, which incorporates video collaging and live performances. We got a chance to speak with him when he took a break from his busy schedule.

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  • February 7 - March 1, 2019

    The Beautiful Lie- an Installation by 6ixx and Sunday Morning

    Tapp’s is thrilled to announce Demtrius 6ixx Similien’s exhibition, The Beautiful Lie, opens February 7, 2019 during First Thursday on Main. The Beautiful Lie is an incisive evaluation of the external social stimuli that (mis)shapes our collective world views. Presenting video works and paintings, the artists employ pop culture imagery to offer alternative social narratives to the audience.
    Picking up where 6ixx and The Ugly Truth left off, The Beautiful Lie is a collaboration between 6ixx and the artist Sunday Morning which will create an environment that is welcoming to uncomfortable conversation.

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  • March 4, 2019

    Fertile Ground - Cultivating Columbia's art community

    The 29-year-old artist is a first generation Haitian American. His pregnant mother fled Haiti when she was only 13 years old to give birth to him in the United States. He spent his childhood growing up in Miami, helping his mother look after his two younger siblings throughout middle and high school. As a teenager, he received a football scholarship to Savannah State University, but after two years a serious leg injury put him on bed rest for 7 months.

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  • Feb 11, 2019

    'The Beautiful Lie' mixes mediums, creates political art with serious message

    After discovering each other on social media, artists Demtrius "6ixx" Similien and Sunday Morning joined forces to create political art based around relevant social issues like police brutality to reach those who might not care about politics.
    "The Beautiful Lie," the installation produced by the two, is a continuation of 6ixx’s previous work "The Ugly Truth." According to Tapp's Arts Center's website, the two artists' unique combination of paintings and videos invites viewers to engage in uncomfortable conversations.

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  • Mar 29, 2018

    Columbia artist uses platform to tell ‘The Ugly Truth’

    “I’m always humbled at her strength and ability to have foresight to do what was necessary to give me an opportunity to grow up as an American,” Similien said. Now an artist who goes by and signs his work with the name “6ixx,” Similien credits his mother with planting the seeds for his professional pursuits.

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  • Jan 24, 2018

    Truth Ain’t Pretty

    From His Online Video Series to His Current Gallery Installation, Demetrius Similien Tells It Like It Is.....
    For Demetrius Similien, the path to becoming a bold, boundary-averse artist was anything but straightforward. His story starts with his 13-year-old Haitian mother arriving, eight months pregnant, on the shores of South Florida.

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  • Jan 19, 2018

    6ixx & The Ugly Truth: DREAMS, Letters from a Birmingham Jail

    Join Demetrius “6ixx” Similien Friday January 19 for a screening of Chapter 1 (“no protection no serve”) and Chapter 6 (“looking for Jesus”) of his video series, entitled The Ugly Truth, followed by an exhibition discussion.

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  • Dec 07, 2017

    Local Columbia artist has been down long road to get to present

    Demetrius “6ixx” similien will be debuts his exhibit “6ixx and the Ugly Truth” Thursday at Tapp’s Art Center. Similien’s art includes a screening of his self-made video collages, then afterwards, he gives a “poetic lecture.” He says the main purpose for the exhibit is to open a dialogue about the issues in the world.

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  • December 06, 2017

    Downstairs Spotlight presents: 6ixx and the Ugly Truth

    My name is Demetrius “6ixx” similien. I am a Haitian American artists and a graduate of Benedict college Columbia, SC, where I earned degree in political science. I work primarily in video collaging and performance art. This process began as an educative tool for workshops and speaking events, then grew into independent immersive environments incorporating performance, poetry, music, and collaged video narratives....

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