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6ixx and The Ugly Truth was designed to be visually appealing and mentally stimulating, to instigate the viewer to have a moment of introspection, and then cultivate conversation about their response. My work pushes the boundaries of what is comfortable. Only by pushing the boundaries of comfortability and having uncomfortable conversations with yourself can you begin to have uncomfortable conversations with the world around you. Uncomfortable conversations have always pushed our society forward.

6ixx and the Ugly Truth is my perspective as new American who wasn’t taught American values but grew up in American culture. The Ugly Truth is meant to highlight what haunts our society and is my attempt to force all that watch to marvel and appreciate the ugly world for what it is and then try to push beyond. We can’t ignore the Ugly nor turn away from it. I believe that if you brave to truly look at the Ugly Truth, you can find a beautiful answer.

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