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My name is Demetrius “6ixx” Similien. I am a Haitian American artists and a graduate of Benedict college Columbia, SC, where I earned degree in political science. I work primarily in video collaging and performance art. This process began as an educative tool for workshops and speaking events, then grew into independent immersive environments incorporating performance, poetry, music, and collaged video narratives.

Using video installation and performance is a way for me to simplify and entertain people on complicated matters dealing with sociopolitical issues. I learned how useful this skill could be from my work traveling as an assessor for the Clinton foundation. My work as a brand ambassador and community outreach specialist gave me access to people of all walks of life, and I discovered that connections could always be made! My work as a mentor with the TRIO program, which deals with grooming first generation college students, gave me a deeper understanding of where social divides exists in regards to education and access.

These experiences in the political field enabled me to see how many different groups of people access knowledge and more importantly, how they can be overwhelmed or confused by this knowledge. The purpose of my art is to draw people in using pop culture imagery to find common ground.

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